Arnala beach is one of the best beaches near Virar (Far north location of Mumbai Suburb) with many resorts like Sagar Resort around it. One of the finest coconut trees beaches in such metro areas of Mumbai’s thane district (Maharashtra state). This beach is Virar’s main attraction and located very close to Sagar Resort.

Reaching There :

First You Need To Get Down at The last Station on Western Railway End (i.e Virar (West)), then from there you can get a share auto (charging somewhere around rupees 20/- to 25/-) Or a special auto (Charging about rupees 70/- to 80/-).
Please Note that here there is No Meter system for Auto and they charge on lum sum basis. Weekend charges to reach arnala beach might be higher due to crowd and a famous picnic spot.

From Road (Private Car / vehicle) : Since arnala beach is 7 kilometers from virar station, and the station itself is 9 kilometers from virar highway, one needs to come from western express highway till virar highway (land mark ‘Mahavir Dham’, the famous jain temple).

From Local Trains : In Western railway route, Catch fast train to virar, which is the last station on north suburb. Exactly touched to station is Auto stand to get share / private autos.

Famous Eateries and Attractions at Arnala : Nariyal Pani (Coconut Water) and Other basics Like Bhel Puri, Pani Puri Etc are some regular and famous eateries. In monsoon, boiled and rosted Butta (Sweet Corn) is available.

Other adventure and attractions being paragliding on beach, they charge Rs.300/- for 15 minutes sky ride and Camel ride at just Rs.30 to Rs.50.

Caution : You Should take care Of Drinking Water here, Always use Pack Water. Some locations inside water is dangerous and deep and one cannot recognize the same. Follow what local fisherman seating near Arnala Beach says and don’t swim deep.

Be aware of Rickshaw wala's. They might take you to different resort as they get more commission there. Let them know which resort you want go. If they take you to different you can complaint to police station at phone number 0250-2587208 .

Its an ideal location for one day picnic near Mumbai.

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