Welcome to Sagar Resort

In the soul-soothing ambience of Arnala beach lies Sagar Resort a luxurious getaway located within the city, yet away from it's chaos. Arnala offers a real treat for all age group.

Nature has worked a special magic on the Indian landscape. Although culture and history are an integral part of the Indian experience, it is nature which is the true jewel in the crown. Wind, sun and rain have sculpted vistas of unsurpassed beauty in which some of the earth's most diverse greenery thrive. A place where visitors can enjoy the sun, the wind, the water, the greenery is none other than Sagar Resort.

Sagar Resort is rich in natural gifts granted by nature. Fresh air. Greenery. Peace! A place where the body and mind can find a perfect balance. A luxury resort for a unique experience.



Offer - Free ride for Couple

Free ride from Virar to Sagar Resort (one side). Book a OLA cab from Virar to Sagar Resort. Charges will be paid by Resort on arrival.
For assistance on booking OLA cab please call +91 9822840787 / 8087737374

Be aware of Rickshaw wala's. They might take you to different resort as they get more commission there. Let them know which resort you want go. If they take you to different you can complaint to police station at phone number 0250-2587208 .

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